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Change the World- Picture Circle 1



Resources needed
A variety of pictures including photos and drawings, calming music (optional), large sheets of paper or a flip chart and pens / markers.


The goal is to encourage and facilitate new processes, perspectives and possibilities.



The pictures are placed in a large circle on the floor. The facilitator asks the participants to be quiet and not talk to each other. They are then encouraged to take a good look at the pictures on the floor. After some time the facilitator asks the participants to select two of the pictures. The first picture selected should be one which the participant associates to something negative or a subject for critique in the topic for the process. The second image selected should express a vision the participant has for the topic.

When all the participants have selected the images, they are asked to sit together in a circle. They then present their pictures and associations one by one to the group; first the subject of critique and then their vision. All of the descriptions are written down on a large paper or flip chart so everybody can view the results. No comments from the other participants are allowed, other than questions if something is unclear.

Lastly, the group reflects on the associations and issues raised. What were the similarities and differences? Are there any particularly interesting visions or dilemmas? The reflections are written down on the flip chart.

 Change the World- Picture Circle 2 

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