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Resources needed
Chairs, paper, pens/pencils, bulletin board

The goal is to run a productive meeting with a high degree of freedom and develop a plan for action.

The participants form a circle, the facilitator explains the theme of the workshop, and the participants set the agenda.  This involves a process whereby participants write down topics they wish to discuss and place them on the bulletin board.  A time and a meeting place (e.g. a place in the room) are set for each item on the board.  The person who contributed the topic is in charge of creating a working group.  Participants decide upon a group they wish to join and are free to move between groups as they wish.  In each group the discussion is recorded and handed out to each participant by the end of the workshop.  The discussions should focus on making clear decisions for the development of an action plan.      

[Source: Open Space World (www.openspaceworld.org) and the Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector of New Zealand (www.goodpracticeparticipate.govt.nz)]

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