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Resources needed
A wall (or projector), pens/pencils, and dotmocracy idea sheets.

The goal is to create a clear and insightful guidance from a large group which can be used to inform final decision-makers and help direct their action plan. 

Whoever is in charge of the process (organization or individual facilitator) presents information about the issue at hand (i.e. fact sheets, papers, and other supporting documents) followed by the posting of key questions to be answered (either on a wall or with a projector).  In small groups, participants brainstorm potential answers and collectively (or independently) draft each idea on its own dotmocracy idea sheet.  Each sheet is then shared amongst the group by being passed or posted on a wall.  Participants read each sheet and fill in one dot per sheet on the following opinion scale: strong agreement, agreement, neutral, disagreement, strong disagreement, and confusion.  Before a participant passes/moves to the next sheet, he/she signs the sheet and adds brief comments as to the idea’s strengths/opportunities and/or concerns/weaknesses.  This process continues until all participants have dotted, signed, and commented on the ideas.  The end stage in this method is when the results are shared and celebrated.  A small group of final decision-makers (i.e. representatives on a board) formulate a decision or plan based on the popular ideas.    

[Source: Dotmocracy (www.dotmocracy.org); sheets are free and available to print in English, Spanish, French and blank for translating into your language.]

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