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The goal is to energize the group and break the ice.

Have the participants sit in a circle, with enough chairs to seat all but one participant.  This participant stands in the centre of the circle.  All participants are then divided into groups named after fruits.  This grouping process may be done by asking the participants to mention a fruit, where the first participant say one fruit, the next participant says a different fruit, and the third participant says another, different fruit.  The fourth participant would then repeat the name of the fruit mentioned by the first participant.  The fifth would say the fruit of the second, and the sixth would say the fruit of the third.  This would repeat until all the participants are divided into three fruit groups.

The energizer begins when the participant standing in the middle of the circle calls out one of the fruits.  When this happens, all members of that fruit group must change chairs.  During this event, the standing participant must try to take a seat.  Members of the mentioned fruit group are not allowed to remain seated or move to the chair next to them.  If the participant in the middle calls out “fruit salad” all participants must change seats.  Whoever does not have a seat becomes the one in the middle and calls out the next fruit. 

[Source: Friendship North/South (www.vennskap.no); Fruits and salads – a manual for planning and strengthening friendship links.] 

  change the World- Fruit Salad 2 


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