DIAN 2023

Welcome !

Change the World has taken up the task of working towards real, hands-on processes of change from an integral and holistic perspective, promoting sustainable development from the grass-root. We use permaculture as a tool for the design of integral sustainable systems. This way we foment the establishment of ecovillages, eco-neighborhoods, eco-centers, transition towns and other kinds of sustainable human settlements capable of being real, inspirational and demonstrative examples, bonding Man and Nature through social-ecology.

Our work responds to the critical situation which the planet is facing. The ecological footprint which the modern society is creating is much bigger than the biocapacity of the Earth. The excessive consumerism of western development model and the economic and social imbalance produced by this provoke a large amount of impacts.

We believe it’s indispensable to have solid examples of alternative development and different ways of living which correspond to local needs, based on specific realities of each human group and each place. These examples should be serving as sources of inspiration and not as models. Knowing other ways of: organization, social structures, production, building, economy, sources of energy, etc. will allow us to create better living conditions for sustainable and integral development. When these living experiences, creating self-sufficiency, community-sense and minimum natural impact really work, it allows them to multiply and spread around.

In order to accomplish these goals, we have focused our work within the following areas, all strongly related one to another, according to our holistic and integral approach:

  • Training and Education
  • Advice and Consultancy
  • Support for Autogestion
  • Technological Innovation
  • Linking North and South

CTW consists of a professional team with a long international experience on subjects such as: permaculture, ecovillages, ecology, social ecology, ecological architecture, appropriate technologies, education, conflict resolution, decision making through consensus, cultural translation, local sustainable development, local indicators of sustainability, Local Agenda 21, conservation of biodiversity with community participation and related subjects.

The organization is part of a broad international network within the ecovillage, permaculture transition and bioregionalist movement, and also maintains strong relations to grass-root organizations, other environmental entities of a social character, both in the North and in the South Hemisphere.
We invite you to explore our work and proposals for sustainable development through our web-page. Introduce yourself to a world of possibilities and hopes and become a world-changer. The planet and the future generation will thank you for it!