About the Sustainable Initiatives Bank from the South

During many years, Change the World members, have travelled through several places in the southern hemisphere visiting different projects and we have had the opportunity to discover a variety of great examples demonstrating the possibilities of another way of life.

With the “Sustainable Initiatives Bank from the South” we want to continue making bridge of bonds between different proposals by creating a database in which sustainable experiences are known and shared.

The objectives of database of initiatives from the south are:

  • Exchange experiences and knowledge so that it can be used as motivation and inspiration to create other processes that face similar needs
  • Promote interaction between groups of people, increasing the international network of contact
  • Facilitate the possibilities of visits and exchanges between the different actors south/south or north/south
  • Share positive information about processes developed in local communities
  • Be a link between future alliances of work
  • Increase the development level of appropriate techniques and processes of social change
  • Share concrete examples demonstrating how to reach sustainable development
  • Motivate “world changers” in every corner of the globe and show them that it is possible
  • Preserve values and principles that create new ways of life, unity against individualism, collaboration instead of competition, peace instead of aggression, harmony instead of chaos, tolerance and respect amongst diversity.

Would you like to participate in nourishing the database of sustainable initiatives from the south with one of your concrete experiences, contact us.