Agustin Sepulveda

Agustín Sepúlveda SariegoAgustín Sepúlveda Sariego


Blylagveien 118
1450 Nesoddtangen    
Phone: (47) 66917263 / 93086987

Mr. Sepúlveda Sariego is a biologist with post degree studies in Social Ecology completed in the United States. Agustín has been involved in the ecological movement since the early 1970s in Chile.
Since 1990 he has coordinated a project on Ecology and Citizenship for the Institute for Political Ecology in Chile and for five years he has participated in the creation of a constitution of 60 ecological organizations across the country.
He attended the first seminar on permaculture in 1984 in Chile. Since then he has been involved in the development of the discipline of permaculture and ecovillages with participation in numerous international seminars, workshops, publications and projects.
He has attended several international courses including: “Intensive Ecological Economy International Course” 1995 with Joan Martínez Alier; International Seminar “Biodiversidade e Engenharia Genética” Pontâo, RS, Brasil 2000; International Course “Aprofundamento em Agricultura Ecológica”. 1998 CAE-Ipê. Río Grande do Sul, Brazil; International course “Agrofloresteria” CEPEMA/ Framtidsjörden. 2001. Guaramiranga, Fortaleza. Brasil 2001.
He has worked as a consultant in technical environmental issues in many professional associations, NGOs and organizations, and coordinated projects in Chile on recycling, waste disposal, basic sanitary systems, environmental law and politics, alternative technologies, environmental education and food security systems in low income areas of Valparaíso, Santiago, Concepción and other regions in Chile.   Additionally, he has worked as a consultant in the evaluation and assessment of conservation, development, social and education projects for FDLA-Chile, CONAMA-Chile and other institutions.
From 1994 till 2003, Agustín taught the following courses at the Bolivarian University of Chile: Introduction to Ecology; Social Ecology; System Theory; Ecology of the City; Ecology of Chile; Economy and Ethics, Medicinal Plants, and Social Ecology for the Ecological Economics post degree program in the Universidad Mayor de San Simon, Cochabamba, Bolivia.  He has been involved in the development of the following curricula for the Education Institute of the Bolivarian University: Bilingual Intercultural Pedagogy; Basic Science Education; Initial Pedagogic; and a Diploma in Social Ecology.  Altogether he has been part of the pedagogic team in charge of the lectures and conferences given to different degree levels in the Chilean educational reform for the state high school teachers in biology and science.
He has published many works on Permaculture, Alternative Technologies, Basic Food Production, Primary Environmental Caring, Participatory Processes and Local Environmental Indicators. He has also participated in many radio programs and informal environmental education actions and installations.
He designed and taught a technical course called “Técnico en Control y Gestión Ambiental” for the Gylania Institute in Santiago de Chile.
In Norway he has been involved as a short term visiting teacher to Ås Landbrukshøyskole in the 2003 international post degree program on Agro ecology.
He has been a chairman of the organization Change the World in Oslo since 2003.
Agustín has participated as a teacher and lecturer in international seminars on Permaculture in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.
In Sweden he was in charge of the International Seminar on Permaculture for the network Framtidsjorden. Adelsö, Stockholm, Sweden 2002.
Agustín speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, and a little Italian and French.  He currently studies Norwegian in Nesodden, Norway and teaches Spanish to norwegian people for Change the World’s Learning Centre at Sagene, Oslo.