EAA-Grant Bulgaria-Eco Champions project

We are extremely excited to inform you that we are embarking on a completely new initiative – the project “Eco Champions”. It will be implemented over the next two years by our organization and our partners from Bulgaria: Sci High Foundation, Sofia, HALO Foundation, Haskovo and Vratsa Software Society Association, Vratsa. Within the project we will create an innovative educational program for children aged 13-19 to increase their commitment to issues related to environmental protection and climate change. The program will be implemented in Sofia, Haskovo and Vratsa, and students, based on scientific approaches and under the mentorship of our team and Bulgarian scientists, will seek solutions to local environmental problems. We will present their solutions at school, municipal and national level in a series of scientific festivals.

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The Eco Champions project is implemented with financial support provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism through the Active Citizens Fund – www.activecitizensfund.bg. The main goal of the Eco Champions project is to increase the commitment of citizens to environmental protection and climate change through educational activities. The project is implemented by the Sci High Foundation, Sofia in partnership with the HALO 2019 Foundation, Haskovo, Vratsa Software Society Association, Vratsa and Forandre verden (Change The World), Norway.