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EAA-Grant Poland :Motivus – Resilience and Motivation in the Times of Crisis. E-learning for Volunteers Working with Children
New EAA-Grant Project with Bulgaria
Eco Champions project

Agreeement on the European Economic Area (EEA-Grant)

Change the world had paticiped in the EEA-Grant since 2013.

Change the world works with local community to empower them and be local active citizens in their communities working with concrete project to improve their life.
We also works for the creation of alternative ways of life, build up sustainable human settlements, and spread information and tools that are needed in order to achieve self-sufficiency and autonomy.
Some of the sector we work with are:

– Local development NGOand Local Municipalities.
Making bridge between NGO and Municipalities. Training and consutation in working

– Entrepreneurship.

Forandre Verden has being doing consultations and training of social entrepreneurship projects I Norway and Latin America for several years: Training kids in social entrepreneurship in the municipality of Sagene, Oslo, Norway; Implementation of a demonstrative center for development in Telemark. Norway;. Training and couching to Nashira, a woman organization from Colombia; Training and couching to kids in Sapsborg “Spiral” senter in Norway; Consultations and training in the implementation of a school for Kabawil, a Maya organization in Guatemala.

– Strengthening the capacity building.
– Civil Participation, Facilitate a transformation from inside.
– Working with kids and youth.
– Concrete and innovative tools for Sustainable Development.

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Some project:

“Green footprint” with SOSNA. (Slovakia)
NGO Programme in Slovakia under EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Follow up of activities and advise once every two months, Several practical workshop, and Design and implementation of a data base on the web with concrete solutions and good.Several people were training in different workshop, a database with good practices in local participation is online, and working groups regarding community work and natural gardens.

– “Green Light for School in the Nature” FUTURE NOW. (Bulgaria) 
NGO Programme in Bulgaria under EEA Financial Mechanism Consultancy in community development, organizational development, sustainable practical solutions, sustainable development.

–  “Active young people for active citizenship” Ecoworld Rhodopes Association. (Bulgaria)
NGO Programme in Bulgaria under EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Training, workshop and participation in seminaryHow to motivate youth of a rural areas to be active in the civil society. Youths trained in Self-awareness How to development a project from the beginning to the end.

– “UCAN do that 2!”Latvian Community Initiative Foundation (LCIF). (Latvia) 
NGO Programme in Latvia under EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Master class on Environmental Technologies, Workshop for teachers and volunteers, and Project’s publicity events

– Analysis of local (Norwegian) municipalitiesAssociation of Local Authorities Lithuania (ALAL). (Lithuania)
Analysis of local (Norwegian) municipalities, how the public services are provided for local communities, how local authorities do collaborate with local people and NGOs leaders and citizens’ participation in decision-making and public services provided to the community.

– Change the world! … Because there is a chance”. (Romania) 
2015 / BIL-1/33 EEA Financial Mechanism “There is a chance” Association, RomaniaCapacity building. Exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge, skills and best practices between the Association “There is a Chance” (AEOS), promoter of the project “CERT, a chance for you!”- Youth Resource Center” and the Association “Change the World” (CTW) in Norway, expand Network CERT and CERT Network facilitating work by Norwegian expert who is to visit Romania.

New EAA-Grant Bulgaria
Eco Champions project
EEA Grant Bulgaria:
Ecoworld Rhodopes
EEA Grant Romania:
There is a Chance

EAA-Grant Poland
Motivate. Support. Strengthen
New EAA-Grant Poland :Motivus – Resilience and Motivation in the Times of Crisis. E-learning for Volunteers Working with Children