Telemark Inspiration Centre for Sustainable Development


Telemark Inspiration Centre for Sustainable Development (TIBU) is located at Foldsæ Education Centre in the beautiful mountainous landscape of Fyresdal in the county of Telemark, Norway. The site, which was previously used as an aquaculture farm, is currently being re-developed by CTW to become a natural park where people in all ages can play, be inspired and learn about the natural environment.



TIBU is being developed in response to our times challenges of climate change, peak oil, extinction of species and destruction of natural habitat. It also coincides with the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

TIBU’s main goals are to demonstrate concrete examples of sustainable design and technologies. CTW aims to strengthen the relationship between humans and nature through education and participation in our natural environment and we believe this project will inspire people to be more environmentally conscious in their daily lives.


TIBU is designed using permaculture principles and currently consists of / are developing the following:

  • 17 ponds, which holds a diverse selection of native animal and plant species in and around them.
  • A natural playground which includes tree huts, tree platforms, canopies between trees,  a labyrinth, a fire place, an amphitheatre and a picnic area from natural building materials and alternative techniques.
  • Various water features, water cleaning systems and a natural bath.
  • Intensive agriculture techniques for organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.
  • Chinampas (productive garden beds in-between two ponds which receive sun exposure through the reflection in the water, leading to an increase in  the temperature and the creation of a microclimate for accelerating the production of food).
  • Installation and demonstration of alternative renewable energy technologies.
  • Installation and demonstration of ecological sanitation and waste-handling technologies.
  • Buildings of natural / recycled materials.


The centre also has the possibility to give lectures, workshops and courses on environmental and social issues, for example in:

  • Permaculture design
  • Appropriate technologies
  • Recycling
  • Peak oil and climate change
  • Ecovillage living
  • North / South questions
  • Participatory processes
  • Conflict resolution
  • Community building and social aspects of living as a community



If you would like to visit TIBU, or hear about possibilities for volunteering with us, please contact us for more information.