What we do

Change the World creates, supports and participates in environmental and social processes to generate sustainable livelihoods. We have extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of sustainable development.

Change the World provides demonstrations, courses and consultation in the following subjects:

  • Rural and urban eco-village design
  • Simple and appropriate technologies
  • Permaculture design
  • Natural building and building with recycled materials
  • Sanitation and water treatment
  • Creating North/South linkages
  • Autogestion and community building
  • Participatory processes
  • Conflict resolution

CTW works with these issues in a range of countries and cultures, including Norway, Sweden, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, USA, France, Italy, Lithuania and Senegal. For a more detailed description of some of our projects, please go to the Activities page.